What the brewery is working on…

Our Master Brewer Art Steinhoff (great name for a brewer, right?!) is working hard to perfect our flagship beers.  We’ve also got a bunch of seasonals and one-offs planned.

Soon, we’ll be looking for your feedback on our successes (and failures).  We’ll be doing that by data-mining the internet (BeerAdvocate, Untappd, RateBeer, etc.), taking in data from our own site, and collecting your feedback at events and in our future tap room.  For now, nibble on this:

Many Empirical beers fit into the style categories we all know and love.  For these beers, watch for what series they fall into to determine availability.  2πR beers are available all year while πR/2 are our seasonals.  Art has been refining:


2πR Beers

Atomic Amber Ale:

Moderate hop aroma with a nice malty nose. Reddish Amber color with an off-white head. Malty sweet flavor balanced with American and German hops and a caramel malt presence.

SRM – 12.4     IBU’s – 37.0     ABV – 5.2%

Infinity IPA: 

Prominent hop aroma. Dry hopped to give it intensity. Reddish-copper color with a persistent white head. High bitter hop flavor with a support of malt sweetness. Smooth but definitely hoppy and bitter.

SRM – 8.7     IBU’s – 70.4     ABV – 6.0%

Dark Matter Oatmeal Stout:

Roasted coffee-like with a slight hop aroma. Black with a persistent tan colored head. Sweet medium dry flavor with a complex oat and dark roasted presence. Nutty and earthy full-bodied flavor. Rich silky mouth feel.

SRM – 43.2     IBU’s – 30.2     ABV – 4.8%


πR/2 Beers

Unnamed Belgian Wit:

Light grainy, spicy and tart aroma with a moderate coriander and orange fruitiness. Very pale gold color and a cloudy haze. Dense white head. Refreshingly crisp with dry, tart finish. Herbal-spicy flavor with a hint of coriander and orange. Medium light body; smooth and light creamy, dry and a bit tart mouth feel. Low hop bitterness.

SRM – 4.2     IBU’s – 18.0     ABV – 4.8%

Unnamed Oktoberfest:

Rich, slightly toasted malt aroma. Deep orange-red amber color with a rocky foamy white head. Toasted malty sweetness with a moderate hop bitterness. Creamy, smooth texture with medium body. Clean lager character.

SRM – 18.0     IBU’s – 14.0     ABV – 5.8%


Empirical Kitchens

Empirical will often experiment with spices, fruits, and vegetables.  When you see the Empirical Kitchens beers, you’ll know Art has been playing mad scientist.  His latest abominations include:

Unnamed Pumpkin Harvest Ale:

Pumpkin pie spice aroma with a hint of malt sweetness. A big-bodied beer with a coppery-orange color.  The addition of Cara Vienne and Biscuit malt combined with vanilla, pumpkin and the delicate spiciness of the hops add to the balance of the fruit.

SRM – 12.5     IBU’s – 31.7     ABV – 8.0%

Unnamed Chocolate Porter:

Strong chocolate sweet malt aroma with a rich tan colored head. Black in color and rich smooth melted chocolate bar flavor. A slight hop bitterness to balance the sweetness of the chocolate.

SRM – 38.4     IBU’s – 36.6     ABV – 6.3%


Speed of Light

Sometimes you just want to down a six pack while watching the game or hanging out with friends, but you don’t want to feel bloated afterwards.  Our session beers are easily identifiable with our Speed of Light series.  Soon, you’ll be able to kick back with:

Photon Kolsch:

Very light malt aroma. The slight aroma of noble hops make this light golden colored beer more authentic with a delicate white head.  Smooth and crisp makes this light-bodied beer very drinkable. The subdued maltiness leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish.

SRM – 4.3     IBU’s – 26.1     ABV – 4.4%

Unnamed Black IPA:

Medium-high hop aroma with a hint of dark malt.  A medium bodied beer with fruity, floral and some herbal characteristics from the Summit, Columbus and Centennial hops. Has a nice degree of caramel malt and slight roasted malt flavors.

SRM – 38.0     IBU’s – 60.7     ABV – 6.0%