Beer Finder

A helpful guiding to finding Empirical beers.

Wavelength White Pepper Ale:

Light grainy, spicy and tart aroma with an intense amount of coriander, orange fruitiness, and white peppercorns. Very pale gold color and a slightly cloudy haze. Dense white head. Refreshingly crisp with dry, tart finish. Herbal-spicy flavor from the coriander and orange, with a spicy and dry finish from the white pepper. Medium light body; smooth and light creamy, dry and a bit tart mouth feel. Low hop bitterness.

SRM – 4.2     IBU’s – 18.0     ABV – 5.0%

Atomic Amber: Honey Hypothesis:

This honey amber wheat beer is one-of-a-kind.  Moderate hop aroma with a nice malty nose. Beautiful reddish amber color with an off-white head. Malty sweet flavor balanced with American and German hops and a caramel malt presence.  All of this is enhanced by 180 pounds of wildflower and clover honey – most of this ferments off, bringing the ABV up from 5.2% to 6.8%.  The scent and taste of honey is perfectly balanced by the malt backbone.  You’re left with a fantastic fall sipper.

SRM – 10     IBU’s – 31.2     ABV – 6.8%

Infinity IPA: IBU Overload: 

What happens when you take the hop schedule from your double IPA and add it to your single IPA recipe? – you get IBU Overload!  We hopped this one five times but kept the alcohol low so it would still be sessionable.  Prominent hop aroma. Dry hopped to give it intensity. Reddish-copper color with a persistent white head. High bitter hop flavor with a support of malt sweetness. Smooth but definitely hoppy and bitter.

SRM – 8.7     IBU’s – 105.0     ABV – 6.0%

Superluminal Northwest Wheat (part of our Speed of Light sessionable beer series):

A medium-light bodied session ale.  You might think this one was a kolsch, it’s so drinkable.  The wheat gives it improved mouthfeel over a light lager, while the addition of northwest hops adds a lot of character.  At 4.6% with a fresh, lemony taste, you can drink this one all day (and we have at more than a few beer festivals this year).

SRM – 4.4     IBU’s – 23.2     ABV – 4.6%