Our Brewhouse Equipment Gets Connected

Our brewhouse equipment got hooked up yesterday, thanks to the guys from Sprinkman. It was kind of like putting together a giant metal puzzle, and also there was welding. There were also some guys hooking up our boiler. We’re getting closer and closer to brewing our first batch.


Finishing the Brewhouse – published on March 27th, 2014

One huge hurdle has just been cleared, finishing the brewhouse. That gets us one step closer to bringing Art’s excellent beers to the public. All that’s left is for the guys at Sprinkman to come in and hook it all together and then it will be ready for brewing. Thanks to Corcoran Fabrication & Design for the excellent work they did getting everything into place.

Who We Are

Empirical Brewery is a startup brewery in Chicago Illinois.  Our mission is to create high quality craft beers that exceed your expectations.  We are focused on innovation and exploration of unique flavor profiles.  Our customers come first and have a direct impact on brewery operations.  The advantage of a craft brewery is that it can respond to changing market tastes.  To that end, we will endeavor to gather feedback from you and incorporate it into our brewing.  For updates on the brewery, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our blog. Look for our beer to be available early next year.